Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Some Of The Best Apps For Black Friday Sales

Are you excited for Black Friday and all the great deals you might be able to snag along the way? That might be even more true if you have some of the best free apps available to help you stand an even better chance of getting the deals that you are looking. The apps are just a technological boost to push you in the right direction towards better luck with the deals. After all, we use our smartphones to find everything from title loans online to the latest novels to hit the bookshelves, so why not use them to shop smarter?


This app is constantly on the lookout for great sales going on at just about any store that you can imagine. It tracks down those deals for you and sends you alerts letting you know where you can find the bargains. The app itself is free of course, so you would only be putting yourself at a disadvantage if you did not go ahead and download it. 

Black Friday Sales


This app is great for the online shopper. It removes the burden of looking for paper coupons and instead stores electronic coupons to all of your favorite online stores. By doing this, Flipp helps people save money when they make their purchases online and the stores that it has identified as having deals. 

Price Cruncher

Sometimes something that appears to be a great bargain really isn't. This is because stores use their pricing to always make it look like they are offering the best price imaginable. However, if you break things down to a per unit pricing model, you may see that this may or may not truly be the case. Given that, Price Cruncher is a great app to have in your tool chest. It helps compare prices for different items based on the per unit value that you are really getting. 

Santa's Bag

Setting and sticking to a personal budget for Christmas gifts is difficult for a lot of us. This app helps us all to keep track of how much we have spent on gifts on different people on our list. It makes it easier to ensure that we do not go over the amount that we are supposed to spend. Little alerts and warnings let us know when we are getting close to budget on any particular person, or on Christmas in general. 

Store Specific Apps

You can always trust NerdWallet.com to have some of the best ideas for how to save money on Black Friday. One of the things they highly recommend is for app users to download store-specific apps while they are at it. All of the others mentioned above are a great start as well, but the store specific ones are really wonderful at targeting those great bargains that are specific to a particular store. Besides, the stores sometimes offer extra discounts to users who do them the favor of downloading the app. In order to gain those extra discounts, it is necessary to have the app. 

The store-specific apps are free just like all of the other apps mentioned here. The only price you pay is the time it takes to download these apps. Despite that, they could save you a lot of money this holiday shopping season.


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