Wednesday, April 12, 2017

8 Most Frequently Asked Questions About CCTV

There are many things about closed circuit Television, or CCTV as it is known, that most people are unaware of, and aside from the fact that it transmits live images of any given location, the average homeowner has little or no knowledge about the inner workings of the system. If you fall into that category, here are the top ten questions people ask about CCTV.

1.What is CCTV? – It is a closed circuit that transmits from a series of cameras back to a central location, where there would be a hard drive that is used to store the data, and a monitor and player in order to monitor the perimeters at all times.


2.What are its capabilities? – Modern CCTV systems have full pan facilities, and with a high range zoom, one can manipulate the camera to view any given point, even at night, as infrared allows for acceptable night vision. If, for example, a small business owner wanted CCTV in Perth, there are online companies that specialise in protecting commercial premises at an affordable cost.

3.Is CCTV Really a Deterrent? – The short answer is yes. Criminals are all too aware that CCTV footage is acceptable as evidence in a court of law, and one still image is all it takes to identify someone. If a burglar comes across CCTV cameras, they will look for an easier target, which is one of the reasons to have the cameras in prominent locations.

4.Can CCTV Offer Other Benefits? – CCTV systems can prevent wrongful accusations and if your workforce is always monitored, and incidents can quickly be verified and the truth established.

5.Do I Need a Battery Back Up? – If you want to be sure to have coverage 24/7, the answer is yes. If there is ever a power outage, the battery will automatically kick in and provide adequate power until the electrical supply returns.

6.Do I need Infrared Cameras? – That depends on the type and location of the area you wish to monitor. If there are no lights on at night, and you want surveillance, then infrared is the best option, however if the area is always illuminated, there is no need to spend the extra money.

7.How Many Cameras Will I need? – This very much depends on the size of the area and also how much coverage you want. If your business premises has a car park or loading area, then these locations should also be covered. If you were looking for CCTV a simple online search would give you more information and put you in touch with someone who could tell you how many cameras are ideal for your requirements.

8.What Is Remote Viewing? – Using an Internet connection, it is possible to access the system from any location. If a person is on the other side of the world on a long holiday, they can log into the system and even remotely control the cameras to view any area in detail.

CCTV is the perfect security solution for small businesses, and with online solutions, it is very easy to source the right company.


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