Friday, April 7, 2017

70Trades – Your ultimate recipe for profit in the present trading scenario

The meaning of the word ‘recipe’ in the world of online trading isn’t in any way related to any kind of rules. A trading based recipe should always be dynamic, something that is versatile and that can change according to the situation of the market. When 70Trades entered the online trading scenario, their foremost goal as a brokerage firm was to simplify trading for the newbies and the inexperienced traders. This is a Vanuatu-based company which researched to find out that it takes a trader around a maximum of 70 trades to register his profit. Since then they didn’t only adopt the name but also became a loyal partner for traders who wished to diminish market risk while making their initial 70 trades.

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The name and philosophy behind 70Trades

70Trades is named in this manner due to the fact that its creators realized that investors take at least 70 trades in order to become an experienced trader. They do everything within their reach in order to assist new traders while they face this kind of experience. 70Trades believes that there are higher chances of losing money when a new user depends only on the trial and error method. So, if you’ve been thinking whether or not they’re duping you, you should know that 70Trades is not scam; rather they work to alleviate the stress of trading by novices.

Their plans for different levels of experience

70Trades is a company which wishes to get the business of all the new traders and they have the ultimate objective of turning such traders into experts. This is why they offer various plans like Entry Level, Advanced and Pro. Each of the plans has programs which are aimed to their respective traders and their personal level of experience. There have been numerous investors who have tried various similar companies but at the end of the day, they found 70Trades tips to be the best among the lot. 

Plethora of trading tools offered by 70Trades

They offer the traders with several interesting trading tools which assist traders of all experience levels. One of their most sought-after tools is Portfolio Builder. This brokerage firm gives its users the opportunity to create a portfolio under guidance, by giving answers to specific questions on their personal financial situation and other trading goals. In short, 70Trades allows the users to streamline and fine-tune their trading portfolio. Their Assets Graphing is one of the best visualization tools.

Educating traders – How they handle it

One of the biggest positives about 70Trades is the way they tackle educating the novice traders. They have adequate educational materials and various courses for gold, commodities and oil traders. In fact, their clients claim that they have few of the most in-depth educational materials which can be offered by a broker.

To be unbiased in our opinion, 70Trades is undoubtedly the best choice for novices. They simplify the process of trading for all kinds of commodities and shares. To know more on them, you can even check out other reviews on this company before taking the plunge.

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