Sunday, November 20, 2016

Wireless Entry System vs the Conventional Key

Keyless entry systems arrived in the mid 1990’s and have developed rapidly, with many automobile manufacturers adding this facility to their vehicles. Technology has finally arrived at a point where physical keys are no longer necessary, yet before we discard the good old metal key, let’s look at the pros and cons of both.

Conventional keys

The trusted serrated key we all know and love, works by physically moving tumblers, and such is the level of security, only a locksmith would be able to open the door without the key. If a person in Western Australia should get locked out of the car, the best car locksmith in Perth is literally a phone call away. Of course, the number one disadvantage of the traditional key is that without it, you cannot gain access. That’s where a qualified locksmith comes in, and for those in WA, click here for a local mobile security expert, who deals with all aspects of home and vehicle security.

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Wireless Entry

The first noticeable difference is that one no longer needs the physical key, so no more fumbling in pockets to find that all important item. The remote unit replaces the key, and technology has moved to the point where the vehicle will unlock as soon as the driver nears the car. There is no need to insert the key in the ignition with the latest vehicles, with push button ignition becoming standard, yet there is still the possibility of getting locked out. If one loses the remote unit, or leaves it in the car, then a locksmith is required. 

Mobile Locksmiths

These guys are lifesavers and typically carry spare remotes for most makes of cars, not only that, they would have spare transponder keys, which will get the car started and can be used until a replacement is ordered. A transponder key has a microchip inside and without that, the car will not start, which is an effective way to prevent people using copied keys to steal the vehicle. If a person should lose their keys, a locksmith would be able to get the code from VIN and cut new keys.

Digital Locks

These are becoming more popular, and with a power back up system, they work even when there is a power outage. For the home, they are ideal, and with keyless entry systems the local police can be automatically informed when the code is incorrectly entered more than two times. Of course, it is mathematically possible for a person to correctly guess the code, but the chances are extremely unlikely, and if a person should forget the access code, then a locksmith would be required.

Keyless Future

It seems that the key is on its way out, and while it does provide a high level of security, the digital age has given us a convenient and secure alternative, and locksmiths are keeping abreast of the changes, and can provide the same service for both keyless systems and traditional keys.

Even with a totally keyless world, the dependable locksmith is still very much in demand, and will continue to get people out of embarrassing situations.

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  1. Very interesting breakdown of the old and the new. Innovations in the digital space for security are up and coming and replacing older security methods like keys. I think it's important to keep in mind these differences while shopping for a new car so as to maximize your comfort with a vehicular purchase. Thanks for the breakdown.