Monday, December 28, 2015

Saving Money While Still Having Fun

Many people associate not having much money with not being able to have fun. Even if your budget is tight, it is still possible to have fun without having to sacrifice in other areas of your life. Those who blame money for them not having anything to do are wrong as there are plenty of opportunities to have fun for free or at a discounted rate. Many people just do not know where to look to have fun on the cheap but if they look closely enough then it can be seen there are activities each day that are cheap or free.

Many people associate being broke with not being able to go out to eat. There are plenty of reasonably priced places to eat like Casa Ramos Tampa that will not break the budget. Make sure to watch out for happy hours or specials as these can make even moderately expensive restaurants into a frugal meal. When going out to eat you should avoid drinking alcohol as it is marked up at every restaurant. If possible visit a BYOB restaurant if you want a glass or two of wine.

Saving Money While Still Having Fun

In many larger cities during the spring and summer they have movie nights in the park. They show a popular movie in the park or multiple movies and this is free of charge while also being a great date night. This can be a great excuse to have a picnic rather than having to go out and spend money on dinner. While the food for the picnic will cost some money, a restaurant would have been far more expensive.

There are plenty of pickup sports games in large cities that one can take part in. These can be very competitive but it can be a great workout to play while also being able to compete. The fact that this is free is obvious but it can be a great weekly activity to play if you can get some friends together.

Being able to go out and have fun doesn’t have to come with a huge price tag. There are plenty of opportunities to go out and have fun all around us but you just have to look in the right places. Next time you want to go have fun check to see if there is a frugal alternative


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