Friday, November 13, 2015

Thanksgiving Celebration In A Frugal Way

Well few days back it was Halloween and definitely it marked the start of the festive season. Winter is almost in and once Thanksgiving is over we need to put on our gears to start preparing for the big day which is coming soon. Lots of gifts, loads of goods for decoration and merry making accompanied with foods and deserts and last but not the least, the mouthwatering Turkey that does run up to the giant shopping list. The amount of items tends to increase and so   does the bill.

The tough financial situations that Americans are facing, calls for much controlled expenses and going in for a more frugal and thrift approach to enjoy the most discussed and awaited day of the Americans. Here are a few simple and easy tips to arrange for a much memorable but thrift Thanksgiving dinner.

Planning from the start of the year

One of the best thing would be to plan and arrange your funds from the beginning of the year for the big day. And if you notice all the best and biggest discounts are made available to us just a few days before the celebration day. It would be best to avail these services to buy large quantities of things that you would need in bulk for the big day, also groceries for dinner and other necessities that will be required. You can have dressed Turkeys too that you might purchase in bulk and you could have good discounts if you purchase it before Thanksgiving. You could definitely use it for 4-5 month if you could store it in a big freezer.

Thanksgiving Celebration

If you are really planning to cut on the bills of the occasion its better you start planning early and shop little by little according to your cash availability so that there's always a balance between your bank balance and expenses for the occasion.

Gather your decoration

Everyone wishes to be the king spending lavishly over a dish ware or on decorations for a single day. You might think this pointless but fact is why spend money unnecessarily for one day and suffer for the rest of the days. Its always better to cut your cloth according to your cloth.

You may use seasonal vegetables, a few pine cones, heath foliage, some dried nuts, fall foliage leaves and use them to spread over the dining table to have a great festive food arrangement. You could use simple dinnerwares and add the flavor by setting up some candles. I am sure you are well aware of the significance candles have while dining which cannot be substituted even with silver dishes. And all these setup would cost you very less and also provide you the much needed feel of the festival.

Plan your dinner menu smartly

If your plan is to really save on some money but you still wish to prepare one of the best dishes you ever cooked, then you could probably limit the menu to 5 or 6, to put mouthwatering dishes so that everyone could enjoy. You could use the old bread and celery stuffing in the turkey and a flavorful sauté of fresh seasonal vegetables with mashed potatoes and yam casserole and a good dessert to finish off.

Everybody in the family should participate in the dinning arrangements as Thanksgiving is a family celebration. You could possibly designate various tasks among family members specially children to cut the work pressure. Boys in the house who are busy watching TV could help you with chopping up or peeling of vegetables.

Reuse the left overs

Thanksgiving being a large occasion at a few house, provided the turkey size and huge amount of foods, there are lots of unused foods starting from the stuffed turkey to corns. You cooed use those for the upcoming few days while breakfast or dinner.

If you follow the above mentioned steps you can enjoy a fun filled Thanksgiving in the best possible frugal way but not compromising on the fun. On the other hand you are also able to save a few bucks. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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