Thursday, December 25, 2014

Planning A Frugal Holiday This Season

The holidays have arrived and its the best time to take a break from the real world. But taking a break also means breaking your account a bit. So lets plan a frugal holiday this season. Now having a frugal holiday does not always mean to be totally cheap. It just means to be economic i.e spend money within our means. Taking a holiday is a must after working hard the whole year but frugal holiday also can be a lot of fun and relaxing before re-stepping into day to day actions. Here goes some tips for an economic holiday.

Being At Home Only

Having a out-of-town trip every time for spending holidays is not mandatory. You can always stay back at home and enjoy a peaceful and relish break. You can enjoy a backyard barbecue party and invite some friends over. Arrange for some indoor games to enjoy with your close ones and have a blast. I am sure you would enjoy this as much as you would have enjoyed at a beach or a foreign trip.

Planning A Frugal Holiday This Season

Plan The Holidays Before Hand

Planing a holiday much beforehand would provide you lot of advantages. For example if you plan holidays now for 2014 then you would be able to claim various sorts of deals and packages. There are lot of places online where you can grab the best deals such as Groupon and Living Social where you can avail such products. If you are late on grabbing the best offer, please do not give up, check out Lifesta to get deals that have already passed.

Choose Some Out Of Season Vacation Place

You can visit places that is out of season like Santa's Village in New Hampshire to save some dollars rather than spending a ton at on-season place like Havana or Daytona beach. Off-season places are also enjoyable and relaxing when compared to others and also places like these are comparatively emptier than other ones!

Taking A Tour At Your Own Place

I am sure very few people have tried this. Taking a tour of your own cities can be very exiting. Working hard every day must have made you skip few interesting places at your home town. Think yourself as a tourist and take a trip to your local place. Enjoying local events can also cheer you up. Websites like Trip Adviser can guide you through your trip.

Hope these tips can help you save and fix some dents in your budget. Hope you have a blast this season with a full frugal holiday!


  1. These are great ideas for traveling and aren't just for the holiday season! Sometimes it's better to spend time with friends and family rather than spending a ton of money going to somewhere exotic. In the end, it's the company and the memories that make traveling (and money) worthwhile.