Thursday, July 3, 2014

8 Frugal Tips To Save Money And Manage Your Finances Better

During the recent economic crisis, one thing became very clear – the importance of saving money. Those who manage their finances better and give importance to the concept of saving will be able to survive any kind of economic or financial crisis. Now that the market as well as the economy is improving, it is high time that we take steps to start saving money and fatten our savings account.

Frugal tips to save money

Here are some of the frugal tips which will help you save money and help you take care of your personal finance:

1) Switch off lights when you leave your home: Electricity bills and other utility bills consume a huge amount from our pay checks. So, the first step will be to reduce it. When you leave your home for some reason or the other, make sure to switch off the lights and fans as well as any other source which consumes electricity. This will help you save money.

2) Do your own gardening: If there is a garden within the compound of your house, you should take care of it on your own. You can trim and mow the grasses every weekend so that they don’t grow out of control. You can include the whole family in it so that it becomes a good “family-time” for all of you.

3) Use cold water to wash clothes: Yes, washing your clothes in cold water will help you save more than $60 every year. Now that every penny is important, $60 will be a good sum to save!

Frugal Tips To Save Money

4) Wash your car: You don’t have to send you car to the garage for the regular wash and care. You will be able to do it on your own. You will need a good mopping cloth and a good amount of soap water for the same.

5) Carry your lunch to work: Do not opt for lunch at restaurants regularly. You should try carrying your lunch from home. This will help you save quite a good amount of money every month.

6) Avoid the coffee at Starbucks: Yes, Starbucks coffee can definitely taste great but here you are on a mission to save money. So, avoid that coffee and opt for the coffee that is served through the coffee machines at your workplace.

7) Double the dinner recipes for next day: You don’t have to prepare separate recipes every time you eat. You can double up the dinner recipe so that it can serve as your next day’s lunch at work.

8) Check out the option of car pool: When you are going to work, it is not mandatory to go in your own car. You can check out the option of local car pool and get a drop at your office. This will help you save money on gas, maintenance, insurance, etc.
Hope these 8 frugal tips to save money will be helpful to you. If you are planning to save money for quite some time now, then this is high time that you follow the above tips and start off your money saving journey!


  1. Amazing tips Jason. I use public transport to and fro my office cause its cheap than by gas for my vehicle. I wash my car once a week, that is on weekends and i do it myself. It helps me save at least $2 a week.

  2. Good list. I have been carpooling a bit this year and it has made a difference. Also a good idea to look at your bills and reevaluate - lots of savings to be had there if you can renegotiate or change rates.

  3. It's great. Thank you for sharing the article. Hope to hear more from you.

  4. Great post! Thank you for sharing. Hope to hear more from you.

  5. It all begins when we're young and need someone to help us through thick and thin. Sometimes we get addicted to financial aid coming from our loved ones. I'm thankful to my parents for being harsh as they asked me to fend for my insurance during the early teenage years. I had to take up a summer job to make things simplified.