Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Stunning Frugal Resolution Preferences For 2014

As the dawn of new year arose its time now to encourage more frugal ways into your life and it cannot get better encouragement than frugal resolutions for 2014. Make smaller to tiniest things count in 2014. This way you would be able to spend this year more frugally than ever. Following resolutions helped me pass the last year and I am sure it will help you too to harness a beautiful money saving upcoming year.

First Step: Getting Organized

Make a simple system of keeping track of your expenses and organize it through labeling it monthly/yearly. Keeping track of your expenses would automatically lower your monthly consumption thus this plan is quite helpful.

Educate Yourself More About Frugal Ways

Try to gain as much frugal means as you can. Frugal books are available all throughout the market and also in libraries where you can buy or hire respectively. I prefer the libraries since it saves me a couple of bucks. You can find tons of blogs similar to frugal goals, which advises on diverse frugal ways and means, to expand your knowledge.

Stunning Frugal Resolution Preferences For 2014

As Usual Maintain A Proper Budget

If you still have not got any budget for your household then keep it on top of your priority list. Having a budget does it all for you, compromises your expenses and paves a way for savings. The easiest way to create a budget is simply writing your income and expenditure on a piece of paper or a doc file on your PC and see what you can do to cut of unnecessary expenses and make more savings. Try it, you won't be disappointed.

Get Rid Off Tier Services

You can find services which are based upon tier methods i.e more you pay more you get. Try to get a lower tier on utility bills like phone bills or Internet bills or similar bills to those and adapt lower tiers to save more. The service wont affect much but as a result you would be able to save much more.

Check Your Utility Bills

Trimming your utility bills also should belong to your frugal resolutions. You may find your utility bills for electricity, gas or oil disappointing. To avoid that get rid off needless uses like unused lights, turn down the thermostat.

Try A Financial Software

Budgeting software's can be found on different sites over the web. It costs a bit but if you really unable to handle your finances then the fees would be fruitful. With the finance software you can track and run reports on your investment or credit cards or your checking accounts. So basically all your household finances would be pretty much clear to you in an easy manner.

Hope few of these frugal ways that I stepped on would aid you as much it did to me. Try it out and hope these resolutions make you reach the financial peak.


  1. Great tips Jason! I think getting organized and having a budget to follow can really make your finances better this 2014.

    1. Thanks Mark. Yeah, you're right. We should follow the rules to make this year a better one.