Sunday, January 5, 2014

Few More Ways To Be Frugalistic

I am always in search for more frugal ways. It always keep hunting my mind how to save more and how I can get more value for my money. I also keep in mind not be overly frugal. I love to spend on things that are interesting and useful. But I also remember that to fulfill my desired materials I do have to sacrifice on other things. And while I was thinking of decreasing some costs, a few things came to my mind:

Eating Less Outside and Preserving Home Foods

One of the biggest dent produced in our account is made through eating outside at expensive place. As we all know that good food has its price(which bills in huge amount!) and its better to keep a fast than having cheaper foods at low budgeted restaurants  Now the only remedy is to cook delicious and unique food at your own place.

Few More Ways To Be Frugalistic

Purchasing food items at a bulk and preserving by freezing the products skillfully would save you a ton. You can make various uncommon dishes with common ingredients very easily and surprise your closed ones. I found the food substitution bible very helpful for teaching me various tasty and healthy dishes which features only six ingredients! Also I find cooking new dishes very interesting and I enjoy them a lot. I find great pleasure when I get appreciated from my family members. Love it!

Push Yourself Away From Television

Satellites comes at very expensive rates nowadays. You should seriously think of replacing it with cheaper cable products like Amazon Prime or Netflix or Hulu. These all plans comes in a very cheap price and also gives you high definition channels for your enjoyment. Also Roku is a device that help you stream, it is really cool. Recent TV's also has HD tuners that allows you to watch local broadcast channels in high definition.

Another way is to replace the whole TV idea with creative activities like playing a game or solving a puzzle or just converse with your inmates. Its a great way of spending time and also you are saving a lot of money at the same time.

Make Checking Account as Credit Card Account To Keep Track

It is proved through numerous research's that having a plastic card enhances your spending. So to track and decrease the spending try to make checking account as the default account for credit cards. This way you can track your expense as well as save some money.

These were some creative ways for frugal ways of living.  Apply them in your everyday life and have a blast.


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