Thursday, December 19, 2013

What Really Is Frugal?

Really what is Frugal? Does it mean being cheap? Does it mean that we cannot own our desired  wants? NO, all these are all false allegations towards frugality. It does not means cheap, not at all. Rather frugal really means being economic. In addition it means using your resources at level best.

Shopping for the best deals or grabbing the best discount does not necessarily make you thrifty. Rather it can construed as wants versus needs. Using resources what you already have in hand and utilizing it sincerely without wasting it can make you a wonderful frugal person. 

Some people may substitute the frugal term with extremists or cheapskates or penny hoarders but really that should not make a difference. Frugal does not make you low-priced. It is just the opposite. Its about setting your priorities to important things that are necessary and keeping insignificant things at low.

What Really Is Frugal?

With changing economy every one and other are looking how to preserve money and ways to expand income. You can find numerous blogs speaking out various frugal concepts to fulfill this economies demand. So basically Frugality  is in guys! 

One can save money and live their life with integrity by following prudence frugality. It will simplify their life and make choices that will sweep out unimportant needs and useless expenses. It is based on values, values which are focused towards intended choices and choices that makes use of the resources will and diminish impractical expenses. It is what makes you distinguish between consequential and inconsequential matter. It brings out the deeper meaning of life.

Frugality differs from one person to another. Maybe what I think as frugal make someone else think of it as a different way. But ultimately all frugal rules are based on values and the perfect decision. 

The main motive of it is to utilize well, it can be money or an household item or something else. As inflations are not rare nowadays so keeping your money safe wont be a wrong thing to do. Planning much ahead through frugal living can keep you out of debt and also keep your credit score intact. 

Hope you liked this introductory article for my brand new blog Frugal Goals. I would try my level best to provide tips and tricks on various frugal conceptions, the ones I learnt from my own life, the ones I learned from making mistakes, and hope it will help my readers in their long run. Stay tuned!


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